"Internaut Consulting is the result of a deep commitment to assist philanthropies, nonprofits, private sector, governments and social venture entrepreneurs to leverage the greatest return on their social investments. Our practice provides value to our partners through clearly defined objectives and metrics to evaluate results"

Jonathan Peizer
Principal & President

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Our Focus: Implementation Strategies That Work Are you grappling with an initiative that is one big puzzle of design; messaging; support; sustainability; partnership; implementation and evaluation issues? Internaut Consulting can help fit those pieces together into a practical implementation strategy that executes successfully.

Internaut Consulting specializes in philanthropic advising and socially responsible projects. It's clients include private philanthropies, the private sector, governments and nonprofits. Internaut Consulting is skilled in 'big picture' interventions involving social venture initiatives including project management, design, execution and evaluation. We specialize in both program-related and administrative projects, domestic & international, and often with significant  technology components. Internaut Consulting partners with specialist associates when appropriate and is typically contracted for projects requiring expertise in:

About The Principal & Author

Jonathan Peizer is a consultant, social entrepreneur, strategic planner / Implementer and Author with extensive technology, operational and program experience. He has been involved with technology projects in over 75 countries including start-ups and spin-offs. Experience in foundations, non-profits, private and public sector and e-commerce retail.


 -  Technology Program and Operational Support
 -  Development & Implementation of Programs and Projects
 -  Facilitation & Coaching
 -  Proposal development, grant writing
 -  Evaluation: Proposals, Projects, RFPs
 -  Surveys & Research


Jonathan has over two decades of experience in strategic planning, and successful execution of projects employing an array of technologies and social enterprise solutions in nonprofit philanthropic, government and private sector initiatives. His forte is identifying needs and applying the appropriate strategic solutions to meet them in international, cross-cultural settings. As a consultant he works primarily on strategic planning and implementation for administrative and programmatic initiatives including those that specifically support technology and/or social entrepreneurship and sustainability objectives.


He has worked for Citicorp, AFS, Cheyenne Software and more recently the Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute as its CTO and Internet Program Director. In addition to managing Internaut Consulting he is the president of the socially responsible eCommerce Enterprise Greentealovers.com. He is also the developer of the free peer-reviewed nonprofit capacity resource, Capaciteria.org which you can learn more about in the resources section. He is the founder and Board Chair of Aspiration, the NGO creating new ways to develop software for the NGO sector, and author of The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change and numerous articles on philanthropy, technology and nonprofit capacity.Read More