Want a Capaciteria of Your Own?
Capaciteria is a peer-reviewed capacity resources for nonprofits. However, the underlying technology behind Capaciteria can be repurposed to create any index, administrative or programmatic.

If you wanted to create an index of child protective services, voter registration sites, domestic violence resources, etc. with the same news, message boards and peer review systems available you could do so with an implementation of your own. Also possible but not implemented in Capaciteria is a complete e-commerce module providing a store front and a fully integrated capability to allow for paid links.

If you are interested in your own implementation of a Capacietria-like index Contact Us. The project would take approximately three to four months to complete with design, installation, user interface, full administrative console, integrated taxonomy, training and vendor supplied documentation all included.

You supply the server, domain name, taxonomy map, and content. Please note the system allows for adding modifying and deleting of the taxonomy. Once installed you have complete control of the system through the administrative console. Customization of the system is possible but prices and implementation time will vary.

About Capaciteria

Capaciteria.org is a comprehensive, searchable database directory of administrative resources designed to assist nonprofit's leverage their own capacity using the trusted source networks of information they rely upon. About 20,000 users access Capaciteria each month. See a presentation of Capaciteria.org on YouTube.

Capaciteria promotes peer review by allowing members to comment on and rate individual resource links. The system becomes more useful to users everytime someone rates or comments on a resource. Users may also add their own useful new links. To date over 750 links have been added by Capaciteria users. Like Google, search requests on Capaciteria return link results weighted based on ratings and popularity given to them by nonprofit users. Members can use the 'Favorites' feature to personalize their list of easily accessible links in Capaciteria.

Capaciteria has over 120 major categories and over 2500 nonprofit resources (links, articles, books, research, forms, etc.) set up in a directory structure similar to Yahoo! They range from finance to facilities management and include significant resources on the most popular nonprofit queries such as volunteer management, philanthropic services, fund raising services, nonprofit jobs and technology resources. Resources come from the nonprofit, commercial government and educational sector and all can be rated and commented on.

is easy to navigate and looks much like a windows application although it is designed using open source tools.