We offer four discrete ways to partner and meet your needs, Project Work, Retainer Work, Strategic Proposal Review and Facilitation. We also do online proposal review.

Project Work: Creating Value For projects with definable and measurable objectives this is the best option for engagement.
Prior to each major assignment, we do an interview to determine:

- If what you want and what you need are the same?
- What your assignment objectives are?
- What value & benefit is derived from meeting those objectives?
- What metrics to apply to measure success against objectives?
- What value a partnership with Internaut Consulting provides?
- What the benefit of this approach is to you?

Value is derived from satisfying an objective, not just delivering a process. As an example, if a client defines a survey as what they want, it represents only a methodology intervention - a means to an end that does not add value in itself. What the client may actually need, (and the ultimate objective of the survey or any other intervention), is better cross-functional collaboration of a team and improved response time from its constituency. Meeting these latter objectives makes the difference, not the survey.

Retainers: Access & Advice as Value Retainer services are recommended when the value sought is expert counsel and advice rather than a project with predefined deliverables and a finite scope. We characterize
retainer services as "brain extensions"; providing clients value-added brainstorming, material reviews/edits, alternative organizational and project strategies, assumption testing and human networking. With over two decades of experience working in philanthropies, nonprofits and the private sector Internaut Consulting brings a wealth of experience to the table and a significant human network Internaut to any planning process that involves weighing options and plotting the right course. Internaut Consulting offers this service in time allocations of anywhere from one to twelve months. A typical retainer in three months for a minimum of ten hours per month.

Retainer services focus on quality access and responsiveness versus onsite omnipresence. Onsite visits are scheduled around mutually agreed upon times. In the course of a Retainer arrangement, discreet projects may emerge. These are addressed as independent work assignments in accordance with the project methodology in the paragraph above, and a separate proposal generated for client review before project work begins.

Strategic Proposal Review, Advice & Grant WritingInternaut Consulting offers an economical proposal review and strategic advice service for both nonprofits and funders seeking outside proposal evaluation. It is based on the
Principal's years of developing and reviewing proposals It and providing advice as a grant maker working with nonprofits. Even the most technically well written requests can miss the mark. Most often proposals focus on what's important to the grantee while overlooking issues most important to the funder. It's a natural human reaction to focus on the mission the nonprofit is most passionate about while overlooking these funder filters and why they exist. So the question is "What makes a proposal or strategy stand out for the funder?" Does it tell only the nonprofit's story, or the story a funder perceives as coming from its ideal grantee? One that is sensitive to the funder filters and passes its gate keeping criteria?

Our service includes proposal review, insights into making the proposal more donor friendly and some philanthropic and partnership networking. We also offer full grant writing and research services if required.

Facilitation: Steering Your Discussions Internaut Consulting has assisted a number of clients develop their strategic and implementation plans through formal facilitation of their internal discussions around these topics.
these topics. The Principal has significant experience focusing a conversation on meeting objectives, and asking provocative questions that draw out innovative thinking, test assumptions and facilitate engagement. Internaut Consulting offers facilitation services on a day rate basis.

Within the 4 major support categories Internaut Consulting offers:


Internaut Consulting has provided clients program and administrative support in a variety of areas including: