Internaut Consulting Recent Projects Internaut Consulting brings a variety of experiences and expertise to the strategic design and implementation process that can be put to work to help your initiatives succeed. Recent projects include a mix of clients and sectors including foundations, corporations, associations, government, nonprofits and multilateral agencies. They have involved:


Business Planning

1. Business Plan Development:, sponsored by IDRC, Microsoft and the Swiss Development Agency is a community of people and organizations working together to improve the social and economic impact of grassroots telecentres. It required a comprehensive business plan to implement its vision.


Developed a business plan with the objective of developing a sustainable telecentre movement globally offering innovative value-added products and services provided to its telecentre clients. The ecosystem and administrative support structures laid out in the business plan were designed to allow telecentres to trade products and services of value with each other. Development of the plan led to further engagement developing tangible revenue channels, (See also Social Enterprise Support section and Evaluation section for IDRC work).

2. Media and Technology Strategy Project: MDLF-CAMP The Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF) supports independent news media in emerging democracies. The Center for Advanced Media in Prague (CAMP) is the technology products and services arm of MDLF. As CAMP and MDLF services evolved somewhat distinctly from each other MDLF wished to evaluate how to better integrate its technology products and services arm into its core business and what client groups to best target.

Deliverables: Assessed MDLF-CAMP's current client technology offerings and how well they complimented MDLF's overall strategy through a series of 360 interviews with MDLF staff, developers and clients. Also provided recommendation's to refocus CAMP to target clients MDLF wished to primarily focus upon and better align MDLF-CAMP priorities with those of its parent, MDLF.

3. Marketing & Business Development Project: Paladin DataPaladin Data and Braiker Media its marketing consultant that engaged us had developed a unique software solution for the government sector that had the potential to support the philanthropic and nonprofit sector as a program management tool. They needed to better undertsand these sectors and what their actual needs were.

Deliverables: In the first phase of this project Internaut Consulting was hired on retainer to explain the dynamics of the sector and how it related to the software product Paladin Data had built. The specific dynamics and segmentation of this market had to be explained as well as the potential client base and how to interact with it. Research on the current level of nonprofit and philanthropic technical capacity was also provided.

4. Messaging and Strategy Project: Developing Radio Partners Developing Radio Partners (DRP) builds vibrant, participatory communities internationally, through the development of financially and editorially independent media services with a focus on community radio. The IDEA Network is an initiative of Developing Radio Partners (DRP) providing targeted issue area (health, environment) support. DRP required help with organizational strategy, messaging, development and issue prioritization.

Deliverables: Assisted DRP in modifying its very process-oriented organizational identity and messaging that also promoted its more traditional [and dated] focus of radio. The DRP strategy was retooled around its IDEA network initiative focusing on well defined donor support areas (environment and health), and then anchoring its tried and tested process methodologies as supplemental selling points to these focused issue areas. Strengthened a collaborative partnership with Frontline SMS, a progressive development technology using text messaging, to leverage DRP as an entity that could both broadcast and receive local community input in low technology environments. This further enhanced DRP's attractiveness to donors with its ability to meld old and new technology to achieve results, rather than promoting just its one way broadcasting capabilities (radio). This new strategy and messaging was then utilized to attract more progressive funding support for DRP activities and within months DRP had new projects and support.

Program & Project Support

1. International Public Access Library Project: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Library Program, is a program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation designed to provide free public internet access in libraries for the general public and particularly the disenfranchised in rural and urban areas. The program needed a full spectrum of support for its entry into Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Deliverables:Provided In country research, strategic and implementation planning to evaluate the potential for a number of new countries in Central and Eastern Europe to participate in the program. Work also included refining program administration and procurement RFP's once countries were selected and then reviewing and selecting 3rd party country program implementers. Contracted to provide Ongoing strategic advice related to the entire program in Central & Eastern Europe. Also did on the ground pre-program assessment in Kyrgystan. (See also Research section for more work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


2. Performing Arts RFP development and Evaluation: WF Hewlett Foundation

The Performing Arts Program of the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure that art is created, performed, and preserved, and more opportunities are provided to participate in arts experiences. The program required support evaluating a competitive RFP to develop an on online interactive GIS mapping of the performing arts community in San Francisco.


Reviewed the initial RFP before it was released to strengthen deliverables and clarify what was being asked. Responding to vendor questions. Developing criteria for evaluating the proposals. Reviewed the proposals to select the strongest provider of technical services and content identification and data collection. (See also Facilitation section for more work with the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation).


3. Technology Transfer Project: Kauffman Innovation Network iBridgeSM is a program of the Kauffman Innovation Network launched by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The iBridge Network was designed as an online technology transfer platform to more effectively disseminate and license the outputs of early-stage research by linking university researchers with broader academic and end-user communities. The initiative was in need of client-based strategy for each of the various stakeholders involved.
Deliverables: Developed strategies and tactics to identify and address all project stakeholders including the 'buyer', 'seller' and technology transfer administrator. Breaking out the different stakeholders and address strategies for each of them had not been done previously. The final recommendations covered multiple sectors and support opportunities for each of these stakeholders.

4. PC Village Health Systems Project: Jhai Foundation

JHAI Foundation is A non-profit organization bringing communication and sustainable services to rural communities lacking electricity or telephones. It required general strategic program support and initiative prioritization.

Deliverables:Provided general support for strategic direction and partnership opportunities primarily for Jhai's sustainable training and village PC projects. This involved assisting in best defining direction and focus at various milestones in the project's development as well as focusing the overall strategy on the issue area of health. Jhai developed appropriate messaging and pilot technology in the health area to solicit sustained support for further scaling and deployment.

5. ICT for Philanthropy Strategy Development Project: Council on Foundations To promote 21st century philanthropy and better support its membership in the strategic use or current and emerging technologies the Council of Foundations (CoF) initiated a new technology task force. CoF initiated this task force as an opportunity to upgrade its own profile in this important area to the sector.
Deliverables:Assisted In the initial first phase of the task force development to define its focus, primary deliverables and membership through a series of interviews with technology leaders in the sector. Also branded the Initiative ICT for P (Information and Communications for Philanthropy) in keeping with the very well known ICT for D(evelopment) acronym. In the second phase, worked with the task force membership to define recommendations to the Council on Foundation's board in the areas of standards, policy, knowledge management, effective philanthropy, NGO partnerships and demonstration projects.

6.Cultural Exchange Repository Project: Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation focuses on Ensuring Access to Comprehensive Reproductive Health Information and Services, Strengthens Cultural Institutions andImproving the Performance of Public Institutions in New York. It required support and technology expertise for its cultural exchange database initiative.

Deliverables:Assisted the foundation in assessing potential partners, technology platforms and methodologies for developing a global cultural exchange database. (See also GIS Mapping section and Research section for more work with the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation).


Operational Support

1. ICT Strategy Development Project: John Templeton FoundationThe John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for research and discoveries relating to what scientists and philosophers call the Big Questions. The foundation required an internal technology strategy evaluation consisting of benchmarking its current status, evaluating its ICT staffing and assisting the new Director develop strategy.

Deliverables:Assessed the current state of the foundations technology efforts, benchmarking it against the technology practices of other foundations and 3rd party entities. Through a day long facilitation, a series of user interviews and a survey, Internaut Consulting benchmarked the foundation's efforts in about 20 areas against those of other foundations of similar size and scope. It identifying where the foundation exceeded, satisfied or was wanting in its ICT efforts. Internaut Consulting then reviewing current IT trends, explained them and developed a proposed integrated ICT strategy for the foundation going forward. This resulted in the hiring of an internal ICT director and most of the strategy elements being adopted. Internaut Consulting was then recalled to assist the new director in developing an operational plan and prioritizing initiatives to carry out the new strategy.


2. ICT Strategy Development Project: Eurasia Foundation Eurasia Foundation required a short and mid-term technology strategy. The Eurasia Foundation funds programs that build democratic and free market institutions in the twelve New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union.

Deliverables: Assessed the foundation's current and long term internal systems strategy. At its request, Internaut Consulting prioritized needs and recommended short term ICT initiatives for the fund to engage in during the interim period as it searched for and hired an internal Systems Director. Internaut Consulting also assisted in prioritizing and defining the job description and skill sets a good Systems Director would need at the current stage of the organization's development while it was decentralizing its activities.

3. Web site/Web 2.0/Database Overhaul & Integration Project: American Forum American Forum provides local editorial and commentary to news outlets across the United States through its individual state forum coverage of state assemblies. It required assistance developing an RFP to revamp its online web site presence.

Deliverables:Assisted American forum in developing a comprehensive RFP. While initially focused on upgrading its web presence further analysis soon made clear that the project also required integrating its disparate online social networking, multi-media requirements with its online web presence, and consolidating/integrating its online and offline databases. Internaut Consulting also assisted in developing the solicitation process, finding appropriate vendor candidates and evaluating them.

4. NGO Development, Strategy and Initiative Prioritization Project: AFPH BeHealthWise/AFPH network in association with NYU Medical school and other health clinics engages in targeted, local language outreach [versus centralized clinical care], referrals and follow-up for specific medical conditions that typically effect at-risk immigrant communities. It then engages in objective data collection to demonstrate the success of these interventions and efficacy of care and how they affect medical outcomes for this community. The entity required support setting itself as an NGO.
Deliverables:Assisted the nascent network in better defining and articulating its strategy as it moved from an academic program to a self-sufficient nonprofit organization with newly formed health clinic partnerships.


Social Enterprise Support

1. Latin American Revenue Channel Development Project is a community of people and organizations working together to improve the social and economic impact of grassroots telecentres. It is sponsored by IDRC, Microsoft and the Swiss Development Agency. Following the development of its comprehensive business plan, wished to pilot revenue channel development of product and services to sell into the network. It needed a strategy and implementation plan to do it.
Deliverables:After initially assisting to develop its business plan, Internaut Consulting was engaged a year later in the next stage of the project by IDRC and Microsoft Community Affairs to develop practical scenarios and an implementation plan leading to successful revenue channel development. The objective was to pilot practical initiatives delivering products and services to emerging markets through the ecosystem of networks and individual telecentres. As a result of the plan three pilot network initiatives were selected in Latin America. The implementation plan was used to develop the channels with two recommended implementing partners, NESsT and TechSoup. Internaut consulting advised that these two implementing organizations had expertise in supporting vertical and horizontal channel capacity development necessary for the project to succeed.

2. Social Entrepreneurship WorkshopParticipated in a workshop identifying similarities in existing working models of social entrepreneurship -- and the creation of new models and approaches based on these successes. Participants in the discussion included NESsT, Compumentor/TechSoup, IDRC, Grameen Foundation Technology Center and the Shuttleworth Foundation. A number of these participants later worked together to put the plan into action on the product and service channel initiative described immediately above.

3. Merging of resources with IdeaNetwork Content on its PlatformIn an effort to consolidate and aggregate capacity resources for the benefit of the nonprofit sector, Internaut Associates agreed to merge its resources with Ideanetworks and transfer the information from its platform to Ideanetwork's. One Year later Nonprofit Direct, Ideanetwork and and Capaciteria all agreed to a merger with the Good Done Great Network to further aggregate resources on a new online platform now being built. Internaut advised Ideanetwork on strategy during this period.


Sustainability Support

1. New York Foundation for the Arts Online Presence ProjecThe New York Foundation for the Arts required an overhaul of its online presence to replace its difficult to navigate, buggy and information heavy website. The site was basically a hierarchical information broadcasting tool with limited interactivity and social networking capacity. The website made it difficult for users to find the rich resources NYFA offered at the same time NYFA needed to increase its sustainability based on it's offerings. NYFA also required help integrating its many databases around its online presence and support defining new products and services that would attract constituencies while not alienating them. It needed to maintain its free content offerings in addition to maintaining the standards of its well regarded training and fellowship initiatives. Finally, NYFA needed to extend its brand both domestically and internationally to include internatuonal cultural exchanges.

Worked with NYFA as its advocate in conjunction with its branding strategy and web development vendor. Internaut consulting assisted in collecting user requirements and helping NYFA's new technology manager navigate the systems lifecycle of a large technology overhaul and software development project. We helped define new and modified revenue channels based on NYFA's user demographics and current product/service offerings. Finally we helped extend NYFA's domestic brand to an international audience by defining the system and management requirements needed to support it .

2. eiFL Network International Library Network required sustainability strategy support based on which of its activities had the most potential to support sustainability and how. is a not for profit organization that supports and advocates for the wide availability of electronic resources by library users in transitional and developing countries. Its core activities are negotiating affordable subscriptions on a multi-country consortial basis, supporting national library consortia and maintaining a global knowledge sharing and capacity building network in related areas, such as open access publishing, intellectual property rights, open source software for libraries and the creation of institutional repositories of local content.

DeliverablesAdvised the eiFL Network on a number of effective sustainability strategies in light of their current program offerings and opportunities that Internaut Consulting saw existed leveraging member and donor interest. A previously commissioned study provided a variety of solutions, many of which were highly impractical in the network's financial, legal and operational state. The advice provided was more practical, as the network acknowledged, and focused on cultivating some obvious partnerships with projects that needed the content and local support  the eiFL Network offered globally.


GIS & Mapping

1. Robert Sterling Clark Foundation Cultural Exchange Mapping ProjectThe Robert Sterling Clark required a way to visualize its one and two way cultural exchange programs managed by a variety of grantees in a compelling and consistent manner and available for all to see online. Internaut slected and online mapping tool developed the maps and linked them to the Foundation's web site.

DeliverablesConsistent online maps of the various cultural exchange programs with unique templates for one way and two way exchange programs. They can be found HERE in the

Internnational Cultural Engagements Map Section. (See also Operational Support section and Research section for more work with the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation).




1. Program Survey: Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation media policy arm of the Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program required a survey of its constituency to determine what next steps could be taken in supporting them.


DeliverablesContracted by Ford's Media Policy Director to develop a capacity support survey for the Electronic Media portfolio assessing the needs of its media justice grantees after five years of seed funding to build their capacity and encourage collaboration. The survey revealed that what these media organizations wanted and what capacity support they still needed were not always in sync.



1. Board Facilitation: NPower National StrategyFacilitated a discussion of long term strategy and tangible initiatives NPower National and individual NPower affiliates could pursue at its national board meeting. A related discussion of network strategy for the very different local NPower affiliates was also delivered post-meeting based on the conversations.

2. Board Facilitation: iEARN-US StrategyFacilitated the iEARN-US Board Retreat, a two day review of current strategy, progress and goals, and a revamping of that strategy at it moved forward to meet new challenges.

3. Board Facilitation: InsideNGO StrategyFacilitated and provided expertise for an internal discussion of the Association of PVO Financial Managers & Personnel Co-op as both boards met to define the objectives of their newly merged organization, InsideNGO. InsideNGO is dedicated to strengthening operational teams and fostering leadership in the international non-profit sector. The facilitation was focused on cross-sector project collaboration, and developing feasible operating structures for a mix pf sustainability and donor support.

4. Administrative Facilitation: Templeton Foundation Began the Templeton Foundation IT strategy project defined above with a meeting of all stakeholders to discuss what they currently liked about these technology implementation strategy, what they didn't like and what they expected from it in order to build consensus around overall approach and priority definition.

5. Program Facilitation: Carnegie Corporation's African Education ProgramFacilitated the Carnegie Corporation's five year year strategy objectives discussion for universities and libraries in Africa hosted by its International development program. (Proposal Evaluation section for more work with the Carnegie Corporation).

5. Program Facilitation: Open Education Platform for W. & F. Hewlett FoundationFacilitated the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Open Education Platform discussion convened with a number of those developers and educatoirs in an effort to consolidate a cooperative startegy going forward. (Program & Project Support section for more work with the William & Flora Hewlett Foundatioin).


Evaluation: Proposals, Projects, RFPs

1. RFP, Proposal & Implementation Plan Evaluation: BMGF Global Library Program Participated in the creation and evaluation of a variety of RFP's and proposals for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Library Program to develop a feasible program using third party implementers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. (See also Business Planning section for more work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).


2. Proposal Evaluation: Anonymous Media Donor Reviewed proposals and provided ongoing advice and evaluation to a major media donor (anonymous) on convergence projects that merge Internet and traditional media. This later resulted in a long term organizational development project with one of the programs evaluated.

3. Grant Proposal Evaluation (donor): Carnegie CorporationEvaluated a number of capacity support proposals and international education and technology proposals for couple of Carnegie Corporation program areas over a number of years. (See also Facilitation section for more work with the Carnegie Corporation).

4. Grant Proposal Evaluation (grantee): IREXEvaluated and wrote part of a social entrepreneurship proposal for the Middle East for IREX. IREX is a US-based nonprofit organization committed to international education in academic research, professional training and technical assistance. Internautt's contribution distingished the difference between social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, both elements of the proposed program. It also articulated the

common elements of success that promote scaling in a social enterprise and the associated training that needed to be included in the program.

5. Grant Proposal Evaluation (grantee): CEENET Evaluated a donor proposal developed by the Central & Eastern European Academic Network (CEENET) for publishing electronic journals.

6. Grant Proposal Evaluation/Edit (grantee): Carbon Copy Project Evaluated and significantly edited a grantee proposal developed by the Carbon Copy Project to hold publicly elected officials responsible so that it would be more

impactful for donors.

7. Strategy Evaluation: Data Systems International Evaluated an NGO market development strategy developed by corporate client Data Systems International for Clienttrack a Case Management/CRM software as a service.


8. Program Evaluation: Jazz.Next Evaluated the efficacy of pilot technology grants as well as the Jazz.Next project itself which is designed to test models and shape future operating practices meeting the long-term challenges and changing environment in the field of jazz. Jazz.Next is a project of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in association with the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation. The Jazz.Next initiative is designed to foster creative thinking that can result in the development of new models to help shape future operating practice for jazz artists, organizations, and presenters across the United States.


9. Report Peer Review Evaluation: University of Washington's Global Impact Study of Public Access to Information & Communication Technologies At the requst of IDRC, and based on its work with telecenter's and public library access Internaut Consulting was asked to peer review and comment on the University of Washington's multi-year study of public access venues around the world.




1. Online Cultural Exchange Initiative Research: Robert Sterling Clark FoundationAssisted the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation in research of online global cultural organizations, databases, social networks and translation services for a cultural exchange database project being defined for its Arts portfolio. (See also Operational Support section and GIS Mapping section for more work with the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation).

2. Country & Technology Research: US Government Provided an analysis of technology and its potential for political change in Eurasia for an international agency of the US Government (anon.). It addressed what elements facilitates technology as an effective change agent in repressive or autocratic circumstances based on the author’s experience exploiting technology for social change.

3. Country & NGO IT Research Reports: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Assisted the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with their ICT for D internal information gathering initiative by creating research reports for them on the state of non-profit capacity and the state of ICT in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Kyrgystan and Mongolia. (See also Program & Project Support section for more work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Grant Writing / Proposal Development & Strategic Advice/Support

1. Development Strategy & Implementation: Capaciteria.orgDeveloped an effective fundraising strategy and proposal for continued support and outreach activities related to raising enough for over two years of project support from multiple donors.

2. Development Support: Commons Global HealthFundAdvised the Commons Global HealthFund on the most effective strategy to approach donors with their new investment concept for health support.

3. Grant Writing for EWMI: Open Development Cambodia / USAID SILK CambodiaDeveloped a grant proposal and its multiple iterations for different donors for the website Open Development Cambodia, a site promoting transparent and sound resource stewardship and extraction policies in Cambodia and the region. Funding has come from American Jewish World Service, Open Society and Spider (a Swedish SIDA affiliate). Also assisted significantly in the development of a USAID technology incubator and entrepreneurship proposal in Cambodia for USAID. (See also Web Development section below for more EWMI work).

Capacity Support:

1. Capacity Support: Capaciteria.orgReceived a two year grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to broaden the audience for, the nonprofit peer-reviewed capacity resource I developed. An initial project involved developing an open Fiscal Agency list by category, further adding content resources and developing strategic partnerships with other organizations.



1. Administrative & Project Support Certain projects above have required coaching the Executive Director in a more formal capacity in addition to meeting specific project objectives. These projects include the DRP project the Jhai Project, the BeHealthWise Project and the iBridge Project.



1. Board Chair: AspirationOngoing governance support over the last decade as founder and board chair of Aspiration an nonprofit dedicated to new approaches to nonprofit software development through a variety of services including facilitations, product development services, training and its unique web 2.0 social network platform for nonprofit software developers, clients and service providers called Social Source Commons. Also serve as a board member on a number of other nonprofit boards combining social missions and sustainability.


Web Site Development / Updates/ Copy Editing:

Internaut Consulting does web site development and updating for clients on a case by case basis and generally limits itself to informational sites outside the sites it manages and creates for itself. Sites done include:                                          - For FJC (home page since modified by FJC)                                   - For Robert Sterling Clark Foundation                                      - Copy Editing for EWMI site       - For Lou Cona Landscaping                 - For Internaut          - For Internaut                          - For Internaut



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